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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
The great 70's heavyweight era really ended in 1975. To be honest, 75-79 ranks pretty high on a "****tiest five years of heavyweights" list. What was the highlight - Ali losing to Neon Leon and then regaining it? Holmes-Norton is the one of the few good s****s of that period. Frazier was done. Foreman was done. Ali was holding the title hostage. We all have an emotional connection to Ali and his most recognizable era, but most of his 70's fights after the Manilla are stinkers.

The 90's was great, opening with Douglas destroying Tyson from head to toe, and ended with a spectacular knockout of Byrd by Ibeabuchi. In between you have the Bowe-Holyfield trilogy (better than Frazier-Ali because all 3 were excellent; no one watches Ali-Frazier II), Tyson-Ruddock, Lewis vs Briggs, Holyfield bashing Tyson, Bowe-Golota, Foreman making the most memorable comeback in boxing and perhaps sport history, ending with the Klitschko's rising up the rankings.

If it comes down to a single fight including buildup, then nothing is better than Ali-Frazier I. But as a whole, the 90's had more consistent depth than the 70's.

Spot on,Pontious !!

The 1970-75 period was the golden age OF the golden age.
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