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Default Which Nickname has affected a fighter's legacy the most?

I think that Nicknames often effect a fighters legacy, for better or worse, what nicknames can be thought to have effected a legacy the most?

Off hand, i can think of:
Jack Johnson - The Galveston Giant. People regularly think that Jack Johnson was a considered a giant amongst heavyweights of the time. He wasnt.

Bonecrusher Smith - Gives the impression of freakish finish ability and power, i doubt hed have been remembered as fondly, if he was called the Quiet Man James Smith or something similar.

Razor Ruddock - Another nickname which gave many people the impression he was a little bit sharper than he probably was.

Sugar Ray Leonard - Great fighter, but isnt his legacy made even better by the Sugar Moniker.

The Greatest - Muhammed Ali. Would he be the same consensus no 1 if he was just plain old casius Clay?

Fat Willie Meehan - He was actually quite a skilled fighter. If his name was fast Willie Meehan or Razor Willie Meehan, he would probably be ranked quite a bit higher.

Gentleman Jim Corbett - Cuts both ways this one, affecting his legacy in and out of the ring. I think Sugar Jim Corbett could easily making him seen as the true icon that he was during his time. Of Course, Pompous Jim Corbett might have him seen today as more of his true perona according to some.

Any other nicknames that have really made, or broke, a fighter?
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