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Default Re: Which Nickname has affected a fighter's legacy the most?

Iron Mike Tyson. Just a very iconic nickname that inextricably linked itself with the man and added to his "invincible hardman" persona, for good or ill.

Pacman - not really descriptive of the fighter or his persona, just a very recognisable nickname that even casual fans know about. Easier to remember (and spell) than Pacquiao. May have aided in internet searches.

Lights Out - makes Toney look like some killer knockout puncher.

Sugar Shane - maybe a bit more apt in his earlier days, but certainly not in his later ones. Still, it had a nice alliterative ring to it.

Hitman Hatton - Hatton was a little beast when this name was coined, but not a precise one punch knockout puncher like I associate with the name. Catchy name though, like Sugar.
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