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Default Re: Baysangurov/Konecny - Saturday - good fight

Originally Posted by conraddobler View Post
If Cotto and Alvarez haven't done anything at JMW, lets take a look at Konecny. Pardon me while I take a look at Boxrec.

According to Boxrec, Konecny's best three wins are:

1. (220) Serge Vigny (who was at the time 22-15)
2. (162) Hussein Bayram
3. (155) Matthew Hall

For a 34 year old, this is not very impressive.

How about Canelo, age 22?

His last seven opponents have higher Boxrec rankings than Konecny's best ever win (Serge Vigny).

Kirkland has 4 wins over fighters with ratings above 220 plus Brian Vera and Ossie Duran.

Bundrage has 5 wins over fighters better than Konecny's best win (Serge Vigne).

Say what you will about Boxrec rankings, they are perfectly objective. And what they tell me is that Konecny is 34 years old and doesn't have any notable wins.

But Vysotsky thinks he should be fighting Cotto and has a good shot.

There you go again!
It's revealing that you speak with such authority about a boxer you seem unfamiliar with and your entire argument is based on boxrec ratings.

Konecny's biggest fights were his three title fights against Varon, Piccirillo, and Dzinziruk. I had him winning the first two and the Dzinziruk fight was close and could be scored 7-5 for Konecny just as easily as for Dzinziruk.

Using Kirkland as an example can Lukas get KTFO against Ishida then be back on HBO against a name jmw several months later? No, unfortunately he hasn't fought on the most influential TV network for boxing and they aren't actively pushing his popularity and giving him the same oppertunities like Kirkland, Canelo, Trout.

As i said i like what iv seen from Canelo and do think he is talented but his best wins against legit jmw's that were somewhat prime was Rhodes, Gomez, Cintron, Baldomir and none were actually prime. What i said was that he hasn't done anything to distinguish himself as being a level above the other top jmw's.

I'm able to evaluate and form my own opinion based on what i see from a fighter inside the ring. You're invited to be as much of a boxrec warrior as you want but i'll always trust my own eyes more.
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