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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'


Here it is 'simplified'.

Antonio Cervantes and his 'Manager' Ramiro Machado, with help from the WBA Officials.

A) They dump the fight to Wilfred Benitez for $200,000

B) They bet $15,000 on Antonio (to lose), and at 3-1 Odds, they reaped in another $45,000.

C) They were 'guaranteed' a rematch in 9-Months, after Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez could
make some money, by having Wilfred make 'two defenses'.

D) The rematch was supposed to bet set for Venezuela or Panama City, under the WBA
supervision, on December 5, 1976.

E) In '3' bouts in 1975, Antonio Cervantes and Ramiro Machado pulled in a total $180,000

F) For the bout with Wilfred Benitez in March 1976 they pulled in $200,000 - plus an
additional $45,000 for the 'side bet', totalling $245,000.

G) Everything was 'strictly for money'.
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