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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Do you even understand what the term "aggressive killer instinct" means? Because your response says that you have no ****ing clue.

It means that Struve is constantly going for the finish. On the feet, he is ALWAYS looking for the knockout. On the ground, he is CONSTANTLY looking for submissions. He is so aggressive that it often costs him, because he ignores his strengths in favour of getting into wild all-in brawls.

You want the reason why you have exposed yourself as a ****ing moron?

1) You don't even understand one of the most BASIC terms used in combat sports.

I asked a question about what others thought of him, re****. All I've said is that he is steadily improving, and is very aggressive and fan-friendly. That is all clear and undeniable, apparently to everyone except you.

Other than that, in this thread I have said about Struve:

* "Mediocre chin"
* Doesn't use his strengths very well
* Low cage IQ
* "Don't think he's top class"

Yeah, what an asslicker.

You just plain aren't very smart, are you. Twice in this thread you have gone off your nut at me because YOU, and you ALONE, completely misinterpreted a pretty basic concept that I laid out.

nice post shame i didnt read it, *****hole
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