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Default Re: Nineties heavyweights

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
How many other past decades can boast 8 or more active Hall of fame active heavyweights?

Well since that number includes fighters who were either on the comeback trail or developing prospects, then we could just as easily say that the 70's had Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes, Patterson, Liston, Norton and Quarry - though I'm not sure if the last two made the Hall of fame. Still the 90's were awesome. No doubt about it.

There are some criticisms that one can make though:

1. While there were a lot of great fights, some of the better matchups were either not made in a timely fashion or never at all.

2. You had two forty plus year old comeback champs who breached the rankings and one of them even took the lineal title.

3. You had two fighters who rose from lighter weight classes to take the crown and one of them became just about the best fighter of that decade.

4. You had two of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history with Douglas beating Tyson and McCall beating Lewis.

5. You had one of the division's best participants ( Tyson ) absent for nearly half the decade.

6. You had guys like Bruce Seldon and Frans Botha winning titles.

All in all it was a good era, but not without its flaws.
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