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Default Re: Baysangurov/Konecny - Saturday - good fight

Originally Posted by conraddobler View Post
(So when it comes to Canelo you're a strict Boxrec warrior, but with Lukas Konecny it's all your boxing judgment).

It's true, I haven't yet acquired the Konecny career DVD set yet (but Christmas is on the way), but I did watch the Piccirillo fight.

Are you saying the Piccirillo fight wasn't close? You're probably aware that Piccirillo knocked him down in the 9th and it was ruled a slip. Aside from that, I'd say Piccirillo controlled the last half of the fight, rather clearly, cutting up Konecny's face in the process. Definitely not a clear Konecny win, could have gone either way.

But it did reveal a tough but somewhat limited fighter who was outboxed for large stretches. And this was 6 years ago in his physical prime.

And you're confident a 34 year old Konecny beats Angulo, Kirkland, Molina, Trout, and maybe Cotto?

35:25 for this imaginary KD. Care to show me where Piccirillo landed a punch


I had it 8-4 116-111 Konecny because of his actual KD. The most generous you could possibly be to Piccirillo is 5 rounds, even if you somehow defied even that and gave him 6 rounds Konecny would still win due to the 10-8 round two from the KD. Reasonably close but utterly clear fight to score, giving it to Piccirillo was a robbery.

What does anything i said about Canelo have to do with Boxrec? I stated my opinion based on what i saw inside the ring aginst his opponents and the versions of them that he faced.

This below was my main sentiment which had to do with the perception of class differential

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Didn't see this post, ya i pretty much agree with everything here.

Konecny vs Angulo/Kirkland would be amazing and i agree with the stylistic matchup you described for Trout/Molina fight. I just think Lukas isn't inept on the inside the way someone like Kirkland is, if you're taking the Molina approach Konecny wants to be in close and even if you're trying to smother him his short hooks, uppercuts, bodyshots mean you're still going to get hit when trying doing that. I think he's well suited to foil those tactics.

So many fans love jmw but the majority act like there's some huge class differential between some of these guys especially the North American based fighters.

Even Cotto, he put up a great performance against Floyd in losing, yes, but he really hasn't done anything at jmw. Mayorga coming off a 3 year retirement had a competitive fight with him but guys like Canelo, Lara, Konecny won't be able to compete?
I would favor Cotto to win a 8-4 / 7-5 in a competitive fight with alot of close rounds and great action.

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