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Default Re: Tonights (July 14th) picks

Nicky Cook Vs Steve Luevano (ITV) ?? ain't seen Luevano because UK boxing coverage is lame.

Willie Limond Vs Amir Khan (ITV) Khan TKO3 because he is the man and is coming for Amsterdam.

Kevin Mitchell Vs Alexander Hrulev (ITV)?? Ain't seen Hrulev because he is a terrible typical unknown sports network type opponent.

Bradley Pryce Vs Anthony Small (ITV) Pryce W12- because Small has a big gob and I currently don' like him. Plus Pryce is more reliable it seems.

Matt Skelton Vs Michael Sprott (ITV) Sprott W12- because he has been more active, against better opposition and unfortunately is the best heavyweight in the UK apart from David Haye.

And the non British fights:

Luan Kransniqi Vs Tony Thompson- ??? Who the hell are these guys (i know who they are i read boxing news luckily or I wouldn't have a clue but I haven't watched eitherso can't make a valid prediction).

Roy Jones Jnr Vs Anthony Hanshaw- ??? I didn't watch contender 1 so I have no idea who this chap is.

Kermit Cintron Vs Walter Dario Matthysse (SKY)- ??? Blame the coverage

Arturo Gatti Vs Alfonso Gomez (SKY)- Gatti UD- thank christ for ITV4

Antonio Margarito Vs Paul Williams (SKY)- Margarito W12- based on skys brief coverage of the Mitchell annihilation and my Margarito DVD's.
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