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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

While Antonio Cervantes was staying 'sharp' in Venezuela,,,,,,,,,

In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Monday Night -March 31, 1976

WBA Light-Welterweight Championship

Wilfred Benitez fulfills his commitment (with the WBA and Ramiro Machado) by making
the 'first defense' of his Championship by taking on #4 WBA Challenger - Emiliano Villa.

The 23 year-old Colombian - Emiliano Villa with a record of 25-2-1 (13 KO's) is a
favorite son of the WBA, and is Managed by Ramiro Machado and Tabanito Sanz,
who both have close ties to the WBA.

Emiliano is actually a pretty good fighter. A 5' 9" southpaw, with average hand speed and
a decent left hand. But Emiliano is a straight forward moving fighter, who can be
hit fairly easy, as his defense is 'fair' at best. Emiliano has had only 'one-bout'
outside of Colombia, and that was a 'close' Decision Loss to the 'Great' Nicolino Locche
in Argentina in early-1976.

Emiliano was a very good amateur, with a record of 81-9, and was the Colombian
Light-Welterweight representative at the 1972 Olympic Games. Currently, Emiliano is
the Colombian Light-Welterweight Champion.

In front of 9000 pro-Benitez fans at Roberto Clemente Stadium, Emiliano Villa wins Round 1.
But the 17 1/2 year-old Wilfred Benitez takes over in Round 2, and starts scoring with double
left-jabs, as Emiliano has some difficulty versus the quicker 'Wunderkind'

Emiliano is aggressive over the first 6-Rounds as he moves forward, but cannot match the skills
of Wilfred who counter-puches with left jabs. The bout appears the 'Even' on the scorecards
after 6-Rounds.

In Round 7, Wilfred scores with a 'volley' of punches that has Emiliano dizzy, and Emiliano leaves
the round with a brusied face. The Champion controls Rounds 8, 9 and 10 by landing quick
jabs, and several right-hand leads to the upright Colombian.

Emiliano tries, but falls short in landing any decent punches until Round 11, when he lands a
good right hook. But the young Champion returns to out-boxing his Challenger in Rounds
12 and 13, by switching back and forth from orthodox-to-southpaw.

Going into the 'Final Round', Emiliano is behind by a 'wide-margin' of 11, 11 and 10 points.
Knowing that he needs a 'knockout' to win, the Colombian attacks and starts unloading
with everything he has. Wilfred, surprisingly, goes toe-to-toe with Emiliano, as both
boys whack each other for 3-minutes, until the final bell rings.

Wilfred Benitez will win a 'Unanimous' 15-Round Decision.

Referee, Ismael Falu (Puerto Rico).....150-138 (12-0-3 in Rounds)
Judge, Rudy Ortega (United States)...149-137 (13-1-1 in Rounds)
Judge, Waldemar Schmidt.................148-137 (13-2-0 in Rounds)

The Assoicated Press......................147-139 (11-3-1 in Rounds)

As per the agreement Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez made with the WBA and Ramiro Machado,
the fighters will 'split' the total fight purse bid of $120,000 - with each fighter receiving $60,000.

Now, with the 'mandatory defense' out of the way, Gregorio 'Papa' Benitez announces that his son
will stay in Puerto Rico for another defense, and most likely versus New England Light-Welterweight
Tony Petronelli, or Chile Light-Welterweight - Eduardo 'El Latigazo' Aracena.

Gregorio Benitez, 'We have been offered $100,000 by Tito Lecture to go to Argentina to fight
Nicolino Locche at the end of June. I don't want to take my 17 year-old son out of Puerto Rico
and disturb his life. He is still a young man.'

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