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Default Re: Matt Mitrione turned down fight with Daniel Cormier

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Mitrione explains his decision:

I couldn't stand Mitrione when I first saw him on TUF, but he has grown on me. And what he says there is right.

Still, dude IS in his mid-30s, and his career has really stalled out......

I think its totally fair for him to do that. If you're not ready for a fight take your time and wait for the right one, no sense taking a fight when you know you'll get beat to ****.

Unfortunately the keyword here is time. Something he doesn't have, while I understand why he turned it down I also know if that was me I'd be going ***** to the walls with that fight. A final make it or break it fight for me.

A win there could have pushed him into limelight. He probably wouldn't have won, but isn't that what this sports about?

If I were a mid 30's fighter looking to do something with my MMA career I would have taken that fight.

Again, I completely understand why he didn't take the fight though. He just needs to realize calling out Jackson isn't going to make a name for him.
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