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Default Re: holyfield vs. marciano

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
Holyfield isn't known for fighting the smartest fights. He has a great jab, but many times, he obliges his opponent by banging it out, which would be the case here.
This was my immediate thought, Holyfield had such a bad tendancy to stand toe to toe and slug, if he did it against the much bigger Bowe and Foreman he'll do it to Marciano. Despite what some claim Holyfield didn't have the greatest stamina he fought in burts and picked his moments when to exert pressure and was also very on and off. Some fights he was brilliant other times he was a zombie.

Holyfield is gonna need to be in the best shape of his life AND fight the smartest fight of his life if he's gonna beat Marciano. Unless Marciano gets KO'd which I doubt, Holyfield is gonna have to beat Marciano over 15 rounds a distance he's never gone and against the greatest conditioned Heavy ever with alot of power, good chin and inhuman will.I think Marciano's stamina and workrate is too much for Holyfield and outworks him to a UD or possibly very late TKO (Championship rounds).
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