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Default Re: Gerry ****ey - the hardest puncher ever?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
Roy Williams, Joe Bugner and Henry Clark is a good place to start.. Okay, well some of those weren't prime...But I won't base my argument on those wins.. I think the real key here is that he had the testimonies of Larry Holmes and Jimmy Young ( both of whom faced ****ey ) as being the hardest puncher they ever fought. Muhammad Ali had a lot to say about Shaver's power too. Does any of this mean that Shavers hit harder than ****ey? No. But my point is that there is certainly more to go by than ****ey knocking out a journeyman with a body shot on youtube.
Sure, Williams, Bugner and Clark might be a good place to start, but to go where? Who else did he stop? What prime durable fighters? It just seems pretty unfair for you to expect ****ey to have KOed Cobb to be able to prove his punching credentials, when Cobb was uniformly regarded as having one of the hardest chins ever, something which has never been said of the above three fighters. What comparable fighter to Cobb (chin-wise) did Shavers ever stop? He never fought Chuvalo, who was the nearest possible candidate, and he failed to stop Cobb himself despite Cobb being about as open as a barn door. How are his credentials any more proven?

****ey did a lot more than just knock out a journeyman with a bodyshot on youtube. He destroyed Norton, he destroyed Lyle, he brutally stopped a number of fighters in ways that left me in no doubt that he was a hellacious puncher. As for fighter testimonies, well, ****ey has plenty of those himself if you care to check the rest of the thread. Foreman considered him the hardest puncher he'd ever fought, as did Holmes and Lyle.
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