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Default Re: Why did Bradley duck a unification bout with Khan?

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
No, that's not what they're saying...

Would you rather, for legacy purposes, fight someone not close to the "almighty P4P top 10 list" or gun for one of the two biggest stars of the era?

Apparently, some people are actually saying it would be smarter to fight the boxer of significantly lesser skill, ranking, and career accomplishment.
p4p is a hyperthetical list that there is litteral 1000 lists of the top 10 p4p, who cares about p4p, wlad klit is by far the best fighter in the world, saying floyds lbs are better than wlads is pointless because wlad would give floyd brain dammage.

there is a reason bradley has no fans, thats because he ducked a more lucrative fight with the top guy in his division, both had 2 of the big 4 belts each, bradley is feather fisted, humble (means he is boring as ****, my nan brings more excitment to pressers/interviews) he cant even get kell brooke to fight him lmao.

no fighter should ever get a pass from ducking a tougher fighter no matter what.

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