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Default Re: Bute lovers trashing Kessler's resume....

Originally Posted by DanishFightfan View Post
I believe it was.. Flashy KO and that guy with the DLH avatar.. Turbotime i believe.. But i do know that decent Bute fans exist, but as with everyting in life, it's always the morons the focus is on..
Hi little **** ! I was thinking to start another thread on ESB but I've found yours so I came here cuz I need my daily dose of trolling !

Ok son , Kessler ducked Bute , period ! At the Magee fight he was scared to **** and since then he didn't want NO ****ing part of Bute !

I want to call out all the hypocrite troll ass ***gits on this thread, like MrMagic ( Mr***git) , forreal aka Ballchinian , BatTheMan aka BeThe***git and Tyler-Durden aka Isuck****sForFree and tell them that are some phathetic clowns that are here cuz they love trolling and threads about Bute !

I expect a min 10 pages thread !

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