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Angry Enough with the f***ing obnoxious ads during UFC events.

Okay, a certain amount of sponsorship is fine. "This fight brought to you by...." or "The offical corn chip of the UFC" or whatever.

But you turn on TUF, and there's 3 minutes of them using the contestants to promote some ****ty Kevin James movie.

You watch the Vs card, and ****ing adverts pop up in the corner of the screen during the fight.

And worst of all, on the ****ing LIVE PAY PER VIEW, that I have PAID to watch, they spend three minutes showing me a trailer for some worthless movie I don't give a **** about. I PAID for this card, I don't expect to pay to watch movie trailers I can look at on YouTube if I gave a ****, which I don't.

I guess the same **** happens in pretty much every sport. They play ads in between ***** in the IPL, FFS.

But it still ****s me. Sponsor's logos, mentions during ringwalks, fine. But don't play me bull**** movie trailers, and don't interrupt the fight itself with Goldie reading stupid advertisment **** while Rogan is trying to commentate the action.

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