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Angry Enough with the f***ing obnoxious ads during UFC events.

Okay, a certain amount of sponsorship is fine. "This fight brought to you by...." or "The offical corn chip of the UFC" or whatever.

But you turn on TUF, and there's 3 minutes of them using the contestants to promote some shitty Kevin James movie.

You watch the Vs card, and ****ing adverts pop up in the corner of the screen during the fight.

And worst of all, on the ****ing LIVE PAY PER VIEW, that I have PAID to watch, they spend three minutes showing me a trailer for some worthless movie I don't give a **** about. I PAID for this card, I don't expect to pay to watch movie trailers I can look at on YouTube if I gave a shit, which I don't.

I guess the same shit happens in pretty much every sport. They play ads in between balls in the IPL, FFS.

But it still shits me. Sponsor's logos, mentions during ringwalks, fine. But don't play me bullshit movie trailers, and don't interrupt the fight itself with Goldie reading stupid advertisment shit while Rogan is trying to commentate the action.

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