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Default Re: Has Andre Ward ever been knockdown?

Originally Posted by crazy8s View Post
Which 7 rounds did Bika win?

I'm being serious because I see a few people making the same claim but I just don't see it. I would like to know which 7 rounds you gave Bika so I can reevaluate how i score a fight.
if you gave him 120-108 like Marty Sammon you don't have to reevaluate your scoring,you have to go to jOakland and ask to be one of Warddke's judges in future fight.By the way,after scoring "only" 116-112 for Warddke in Miranda fight Marty Sammon was threaten he will be out of Warddke's payroll.Since then he scored 2 fight for Warddke,both you may want to take his place,or Jack Reiss's place,even tho Jack has a 10 years solid contract with Warddke after the help he gave him with Kessler.
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