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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
In which fights of Johnson's do you base your opinion that he had trouble with jabbers?
A meaningless 6 rounds no dec with O Brien? A fight by the way, which no one living has seen,and about which there are many conflicting reports.

Johnson beat many good jabbers

For example.
Power hitters? Yeah, going nearly 15 years without being kod sure indicates that.

Which fights did Johnson run in?

Liston had trouble with fast, shifty, defensive boxers,because he had slow feet. Johnson epitomises that description.

There you go again.....First off no one living has seen most of the Johnson fights you are alluding to. You try to diminish the O'Brien match by saying no one alive has seen it ( gee I wonder why ) then list other fights not on video as some proof for Johnson dealing with good jabbers? Do you realize the double standards you create?

The only filmed one listed is Willard. As slow and clumsy as he was, Willard landed his share on the outside in the flimed rounds. Its a given that Liston would do much better. Willard a good jabber, you say? Wow.

How is the O'Brien fight meaningless? Johnson was in his prime and the new champion. O'brien's jab got to Johnson, and multiple newspapers will tell you this.

Johnson wasn't close Ali in movement skills, nor did he have the reach or chin to deal with Liston as Ali did. In this match Johnson is meat.
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