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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
Johnson was a counter puncher who was in the heyday of boxing and had access to superior trainers, he could use all the old timer skills to disarm listons power until liston was too tired, Liston would quit the fight in the 21st round

Seriously though this fight would never happen because Johnson had a reputation of dodging black fighters, he wouldn't fight little bitty Sam Langford from Canada at 5'7 and he is 6'1 I doubt he is going to give a shot to a hulking monster like Liston.
The inconvenient truth for some is Johnson skirted the best black challengers as the lineal champion. He probably drew the color line against top rated balcks fighter more than any other champion in history.

No title matches were given to Sam McVey, Joe Jeannette, or Sam Langford from 1908-1915. Gee I wonder why. Jeanette said it best. " When Johnson became champion he forgot his old friends and drew the color line against this own people. " Did Johnson seek out Wills post 1915? I tend to doubt it. Heck, he didn't even re-match Jim Battling Johnson, who according to some reports was the better in the 1913 match, and had Johnson hurt and ready to go.
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