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Default Re: What's the Difference With These Types of Headgear?

Originally Posted by Tar Baby View Post
If you're having amateur bouts you will need to have competition headgear. Usually with AIBA sticker.
Most go for Adidas.
Unless it's white collar boxing you can't use either of those headguards when fighting
Everelast has headgear aiba sticker on them for amateur boxing,i own one and its great.Doesnt slip at all,really comfy and protects your ears and head in general,except you face ofc.
I have as well the second one in the picturewoth the cheek protectors,and it really sucks,i cant see **** in that(maybe just need to get used to)and its slips a lot when it gets wet from sweat cause of the material inside.
I havent used headgear with the bar across the face,but i hear its great.
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