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Default Re: holyfield vs. marciano

Either Marciano gets dropped or both do. I see a long war and one better than Holy against Qawi the first time but not as technical. Would be interesting and would love to see this as well as Norton-Holy. Think those fights are wars an Holy vs Norton/Marciano are made for each other. Norton/Holy more technical but still a fine s****.

Anyone could outwork any and a bigger Holyfield could take punishment better. For instance I think Tyson would have stopped him in 91 but he had a chance. 96 was just his time to beat him and people highly underrate the few but deadly bodyshots and uppercuts that Holy had to deal with. I see a Holy with hair being more mobile with Marciano but going to a hard earned decision SD that could go to any man if Rocky doesn't stop him late. A bigger one I don't think stops him but fights more statonary though not sure which man that favors more.

Great wars! (Norton/Holy & Holy/Rocky)
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