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Default Re: Irish olympic silver medalist Nevin set to sign with super fight promotions!

My initial thoughts were that this is a crazy move.

1- I can't see why Khan is in a rush into promoting boxers? He is only 25.
2- Nevin had multiple offers - why sign with a rookie as someone said.
3- Khan has no tv deals that we know of.

As I look at it again though at least a I can say that

1- Khan has Golden Boy links
2- Khan seems cool with Nevin fighting out of UK/Ireland which means Nevin should be that bit happier if its true about him being a home bird!
3- Khan's inexperience as a promoter could be a good thing from point of view of negotiating.

I wish them both well I guess! Lets see who else Khan can get a hold of. Perhaps we should welcome greater competition amongst boxing promoters!
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