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Default Re: Top 15 underrated heavyweights 1945-1960

Great List Suzie, a qualified group but its a funny thing thing the deeper you look into their records and who they lost to makes you have a deeper respect for Archie Moore and his heavyweight run leading up to Marciano. Most of the big guys from that era either lost to someone who lost to Archie or were beaten by him.

Sid Peaks 6'5 was beaten by Rusty Payne 2x by KO and he outweighed Payne by 36 lbs, also Colion Chaney was out weighed by 36 lbs but beat Peaks 2x Elmer Ray stopped Peaks but Peaks only had 15 lbs on him. Elmer Ray went on at 192lbs to get KO'd by 175lb Ezzard Charles.

Earls Walls was KO'd by the 6'4 Abel Cestac who Archie Moore beat 2X

Ezzard Charles also KO'd the 6"4 214lb Johnny Haynes in 1949,Haynes weighed 214 and Charles 179lbs, 185lb Jimmy Bivins stopped the 6"4 214 lb Haynes as well

John Holman was Stopped by Embrel Davidson and 2x byBob Satterfeild who in exchange were KO'd by Archie Moore, and Ezzard KO'd Satterfeild as well.

Funny but they were a freaky bunch of 175-up guys that dominated most of the big men back then, but a very talented few such as Harold Johnson,Archie Moore, Ezzard to name a few.

Bucceroni was on a good roll but lost pretty badly to Roland Lastarza in a rematch, making Roland 53-3 and the man that beat everyone that beat him except for Marciano

Pat Comesky was on a good roll 6'3 214lbs but lost to 6' 192lb Henry Flakes by KO, another funny thing about Big Pat was his only other KO loss was to Max Baer KO in 1

Rusty Payne lost to Moore

Flake had a good record only lost and drew with Colion who in turn was KO'd by Bivins,Ray and Archie Moore

Omelio Agramonte was Ko'd in 7 by Jersey Joe Walcott

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