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Default Re: Haye v Dempsey

Originally Posted by kingfisher3 View Post
i think dempsey has a better chin and stamina than haye, they can hurt each other, probably have comparable power, but dempsey gets up better.

my first post reads a bit anti haye, i liked him earlier in his career, but think he will be out of his depth v dempsey
Stamina wise it's hard to say with Haye because he's not been in a tough distance fight yet although he has scored late stoppages.

Chin wise Haye took a number of flush right hands off Wlad who is arguably the heaviest puncher in boxing history, We've never seen Jack's chin tested at such a level.

I think the power is there for both, it's hard to tell on film bu Jack was always described as accurate so the delivery is probably equal there. Haye will be faster, I've no doubt on that. Haye will also be a couple of stone heavier.

I'm not 100% sure who I pick. Jack is proven at a higher level, I think it'll be a shoot out and I'm not sure who I favour in that scenario, whoever lands first maybe?
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