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Default Re: If you like ... you'll like ...

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
If you like Ali, you'll like Chitalada, Legra and maybe even LM Rodriguez a little bit. Rodriguez was a meaner body puncher though. Better fighter too.

If you like Napoles you'll like Gato Gonzalez and you like Pedroza you'll like the talented enigma that was Baby Luis. You might like Jorge Ahumada too if you're a fan of Galindez. In fact, I'd say that you can see a lot of the Panamanians in each other as well as the Argies, even if one fighter's actual style might differ from another.

I see your Chitalada as Ali impersonator and raise you Thanomchit Sukhothai and Tyrell Biggs

Lovely work. WOuld you say Conteh for Napoles fans as well?
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