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Default Re: Bam Bam Rios and Broner showing critics what theyre made of.

Originally Posted by Royal-T-Bag View Post
another ****y black fighter starts doing good and slugger jumps to hate on him, what a surprise. Demarco is a better win than Rios who just got schooled and lost 11 rounds to a B level fighter. And as you know Rios is fighting Alvrado instead so how was Broner supposed to fight him? It woulda been a bigger reward for an easier fight for Broner. Arum will never let Rios fight Broner after what a boxer who's a level below Broner in Abril just did to him. Get real
Hate on Broner? No need to hate on him because he's an average fighter with good speed.. He's nothing like Floyd. And Yes I do hate on Floyd and I enjoy every second of it.

Broner is doing good? What am I missing here? Does beating a coke head midget (Eloy) make you good now days? Or was it when he beat The American boy? Or losing to Ponce? ****, it seems like your over rating him like a mother ****er.. Could it be due to him trying to act like Void your hero?

Rios... Did I ever say he was the goods? He's fun to watch but he could easily be out boxed. Hit fat ass got out boxed by lanky Abril..
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