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Default Re: UFC great card myth?n upse

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
I see what you're saying.

Quick point in boxings defence - this years fights have been sensational and has a **** load of sensational fights lined up. UFC is a huge threat to them and boxing is stepping up to the plate.
I know that great fights are still made in boxing and great fights are lined up for the future. Alot of promoters try to have a well balanced undercard too, on big and small events but mismatches are still taking place with the public made to beleive something different from the truth.

I have an ok knowledge of boxing/boxers and mma (i come way down the list compared to others on the site) and even i can see the irregularities.

Recently the UFC has been branded has the saviour of contact sport almost but once you inspect the fights made they too are often mis matches especially when a fighter has just come of a loss.
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