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Default Re: Would Tyson succeed even if he never met Cus?

Originally Posted by dayuum View Post
I mean he has the perfect body for boxing but Cus customized the peek-a-boo style especially for Tyson. What if he had a different trainer?
Great thread btw.

Don't listen to all the moron haters. You tend to get a lot of these moronic so called boxing experts on here that I reguarly destroy.

Like when I called it that Ivan Cauldron was gonna get knocked out or tkoed... Nobody believed me, but he did...

Anyways.. To answer the original brillant thread question.

No he won't. Another trainer could not do with Tyson what Cus did.

Cus was to Tyson what Steward was to Hearns-Wlad.

I think Lewis could have survived with another trainer because he was just that great, he would have adjusted because of his own greatness.

But not Tyson, Tyson was a level below so he needed a CERTAIN type of trainer to guide him and stroke him.

I did hear rumors that Cus was a pedo.... hopefuly that's not true because that is GROSS.

I hate pedos.
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