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Default Re: What are the chances Floyd ends up like Roy Jones or Holyfield?

Originally Posted by Manfred View Post
What I see, is a lot of peopie hoping he goes broke but the man has a talent for making money and that can't be denied. Roy nor Holyfield came close to making the money Floyd has and they did'nt have the right people behind them when it came time for them to do something different. Hell, Oscar didnt go broke, He is no different or better than Floyd.
Holyfield made over 250 million.. He was a heavyweight legend..

HEAVYWEIGHT.. Not a midget weighter... Floyd is just lucky this era's heavyweights are not big stars because that is the money division.

Get your facts straight. Holyfield was a Jesus Freak with over 200 million and still ended up broke and in a downward spiral....

Oscar was different, he never displayed the insane lack of control and money spending Floyd is displaying now.
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