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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
thats a good way of putting it, but also add in life's HARD Times, and obviously we're talking among the working poor, this makes for some right _ucken hard merciless *******s.

so through that into the mix well trained athlete's and the dozens of fights against right good calibre of fighters before you get to the top, as you have mentioned.

I knew a right old school bunch of hard _uckers in my 52 years, and when I came of age I met and knew some street fighting _uckers I'd never want to go near, but let me tell you, the old _unts I knew were made of different stuff to them.

Hard Times and Top Athletes as well, plus the degree of multiple fighting, thats as good as it gets!
yeah i got that sense when i looked at some of the new fighters today like chavez jr and khan, these kids are famous millionaires fighting once a year, they drive around in nice cars and have nice clothes, and i question if they even want to be boxers at all. with the guys back then you got the sense that they werent boxing for fame or so somebody might like them, they were boxing because they had to, it was all they had and all they knew. arguello said in an interview i read a long time ago many years after he retired about fighters today not being the same anymore, they quit more easily and their hearts are just not the same; something only someone like arguello could pick up and read from things like body language, and just looking in the eyes of someone.
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