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Default Re: All Aboard the Official "Let's Send Primadonna Kool to the Echo Arena" Express!

Originally Posted by bruthead View Post
Fair enough, PK.

What are you studying? Have you ever thought of going into politics?
Not really that much, slightly...


I should of went back to Uni this man, but i applied very late and was put through straight into clearing, it was a impulse decision from myself. I applied to do a degree is sports psychology, there was only 30 places on my course. Unfortunately i did not gain a place this year in a course i thought would be beneficial for me "Had afew offers for nonsense courses", i thought about walking away..? But that NEGU spirit was reignited inside of me, and i saw it as a challenge. I will apply for Uni early this year, and i am also doing a higher diploma in sport "Access" at the moment, just to make it ****ing crystal clear to these academic bureaucrats, that i am back. I have just over 200 UCAS points from many years ago, which is probably enough to get a offer from most Universities, well it was my first time around in Uni but..? I cannot take that risk anymore. I have been blazing the work so far, doing assignments in 1 day. If i had this motivation, energy and drive when i went to UNI first time around i would of already gotten my degree.

Society does not paint a true picture of all the great intelligent minds, i know people with degree's who are not as intelligent as myself, . The true renegade rebels like myself, the right minded creative aspiring thinkers always fall in today's society, but we get back up!

I have never really be bothered with my academics, i think i am pretty much intelligent at almost every single subject accept maths ****es me off abit, who knows..? the left side of my brain may have evolved. I am a right minded thinker, and the academic system does not reward folk's like myself, it beats us down.

But once we are truly motivated, and begin to lateral think..? It's game over, for everybody.

I will probably go back next year and ether do a degree, in Sport Science, Sport Psychology, Sports Marketing.

And just blaze the way like Audley Harrison........
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