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Default Super Nights! - Can everyone be a winner?

We hear the term "super fights" but when will we get super nights?
Are the possibilities of super nights with multiple championship fights on one card possible?
From a promoters perspective the costs are kept down because they can share resources (TV rights and stadium/marketing costs)
So take for example this card:

Undercard fight 1 Donaire V Rigondeaux
Undercard fights 2 Martinez V Canelo
Main feature: Pacqaoiu V Mayweather

In this scenario,
Goldenboy, Top rank and DBE would be involved as the promoters.
Say, for example, it takes place in Cowboys stadium. Already you’re talking a sell out of 80000+ fans in alone paying $20 to $200 a ticket depending on location.
Then, you have the ppv numbers, and because of the geographic representation of the countries these guys belong to: USA, Argentina/Mexico/Phillipines your talking possibly a hundred million views!

You could almost give HBO/Sho time dual access it would make so much $$$
Not to mention the main stream armchair fans who only show up for the big names.
I am only interested in this thread as a business case (to explore if it’s feasible) and mutually beneficial to the promoters, the TV companies, the fighters and the fans.
On the down side I guess it means less dates to air big fights if you put your marquee fighters on one show at the same time but TopRank and Golden Boy are big enough to regular fights like this.
I know in the UK Frank W**ren tried it but I think it failed due to 2/3 pull outs.
On the other hand - you could be clever and have undercard fighters with large followings in their own continents are countries?
E.g. Tyson Fury = UK (large enough population), Gennady Golovkin (Khazakstanlarge enough population), Thomas Ademex (again large enough population), Povetkin (Russia), Sturm (Germany), Daniel Geale (Australia), etc.

The large enough populations mean you’re likely to get ppv from other countries too.
So the idea is that with totally stacked card of fighters who have decent following in their own countries (if nothing else) then you have a business case which allows for a larger web based audience.
This method, would act as revenue back up plan.

So basically the business case here is:
1- Shared costs
2- Increase probability of global online ppv streams due to clever match making
3- under cards that guarantee packed stadia and huge US bases TV revenue

Is this a feasible case that could be explored?
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