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Default Re: All Aboard the Official "Let's Send Primadonna Kool to the Echo Arena" Express!

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
I don't want to go to the fight, and i don't want my posting rights back.

Good Thread though man...

I would only ever go to a fight, if i was given ring side seats! on the first row closest to the ring. Otherwise..? The best seat in the house is your own house, better view/angles and you are in comfortable surroundings, plus i never ever pay much attention to undercard fights. I have been afew boxing shows, and they have been some of the most uncomfortable boring nights in my entire life.

Even the people i have been with are not really boxing fans, and the conversations in general irritate me. You have got boxing fans, and then you have the casual people that just want to go to a boxing event or any sporting event for a night out..? Social opportunist, these are the people who David Haye manipulates, these are the people who any promoter manipulates. I know people who bought tickets for the athletics during the Olympics, are they more educated and passionate than me..? No they are just social opportunist.

I was freezing in the Liverpool Olympia, i was on a VIP table close to the ring! But the whole place knocked me sick the other spectators etc, the whole complex needs cleaning and revamped. The Liverpool Olympia was a disgusting experience, fair-play to its history.

But it needs cleaning, and work done to it.

I can see where you are coming from to an extent PK my good man, travelling to the Braehead & fighting with hundreds of other fans just to get a cab back home cos there was no public transport, an expensive nightmare compared to sitting at home chilling with a glass of whatever you like drinking, & a plate of whatever you like eating! I often questioned my own sanity paying to go to a boxing show when I could sit at home on my armchair with nothing but a big pair of white underpants on, Bernard Manning style.


as a boxing fan, a trip to the boxing can be so much more, if you are willing to take risks. Me & my pals often would make a point at the braehead of sneaking a wee bevvy in, sneaking down to higher paid seating & then you are amongst all your favourite pundits, fighters etc. Then its grab a photo time with them, & then a simple ticket becomes a great wee night out, as you meet all the guys you discuss on this very forum...

To me? The actual boxing is only half the fun. The other half, getting to meet and mix with the big hitters in the sport I love? Can be well worth the ticket money.
Put it this way, in football, you go to the game, cheer on your heroes & have next to no chance of meeting any ****.

Go to the boxing? & not only can you enjoy the fights & see the blood & sweat spray, you can also grab a moment & a pic with fighters and pundits, but they actually give you the time of day too, & it can be a memorable night for life for under a hundred quid!

I have met many boxers and got a pic, only met one pundit though, Steve Bunce. To me? going to the boxing is about more than the fights.

Just my take on things!
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