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Default Re: Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Mattysse

such a close fight . i love both these fighters . gotta go wit lucas tho. his chin, stamina, power is so legit.

danny is legit to . hes very resillent ton of heart . good counter puncher . but i dont think garcia has the power to hurt lucas if he does he can win. hes not fast enuff to elude lucas hes gunna get in trouble at times and have no where to go. dannys chin better be legit if u wants to stay up and he better be in great shape cuz lucas in gunna throw tremendous body shots.

lucas got robbed vs alexander and arguable he beat judah. id say more then half of people say lucas won i would say lucas won too . lucas never got hurt stayed in there the whole fite got the only knockdown n deff did more damage. so ne ways lucas is not trying to go to a decision he got robbed to many times so every round hes gunna bring it and lucas never showed us any signs of him gettin tired or hurt.

this has potential to be an epic . these are my 2 fav fighters and it hurts me to say i think danny would lose cuz i slightly like him better then lucas but if they fought i would have to say i think lucas would win
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