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Default Re: Enough with the ****ing obnoxious ads during UFC events.

Originally Posted by LeBeave View Post
Hey Haggis, i'm heading to Auckland in a copy of weeks time, what's the things to do list over there?

I was thinking about hiring a car and doing a driving tour.... any suggestions?
**** Auckland, is the first suggestion.

I guess it depends where you're from, and how long you're staying.

But I would get out of Auckland city at least for a bit. There's good land all around the place, and I reckon you'll have a better New Zealand experience having beers somewhere out by the water than you will having beers in some bar in a pretty generic city.

If you have enough time for only a short driving tour, the Bay of Plenty is nice.

But NZ is small enough that if you have two weeks, you can easily spend a day or two in Auckland and then take a nice leisurely drive on your own improvised schedule. You can go right down the island and end up in Wellington for a couple of days. There will be interesting places along the way to spend a couple of hours or an afternoon or a day looking around, and you'll see just about non-stop postcard scenery.

So that would be my recommendation. If you aren't tied to Auckland, then Wellington is a nice city to finish up in. Wellington is much better than Auckland.

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