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Default Re: Top 15 underrated heavyweights 1945-1960

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
Well, I think there are not a lot of underrated fighters from this era, as most of the contenders fought other top contenders (not something which has always happened, and we can pretty much guage their level.

To me, Clarence Henry seems an odd choice for underrated as he has been voted into a hall of fame despite never rising above #3 contender and having his best wins over Baker and the erratic Satterfield. His two chances against lightheavy champs Johnson and Moore ended in defeats, a one-sided one to Moore. An injury could be blamed, but he didn't accomplish that much versus his high rating in my judgement.

Pat Comiskey I would consider probably overrated, a built-up fighter.

Henry Flakes is a great choice.

Kid Riviera--you really blew it leaving him off. One of those odd mystery men of boxing.
Rivera started slow, but after losing to Savold in 1945 went on a solid 25-3-1 run

defeating--Bill Poland, Abel Cestac, Johnny Shkor, Pat Comiskey, Elmer Ray, Sid Peaks, Willie Bean, Omelio Agramonte, Bill Gilliam

and drawing with the 25-0 Bob Baker in 1951.

*Riviera seems to have almost cleaned out your underrateds.

**I say mystery man because after drawing with Baker, he won three in row, including Agramonte and Gilliam, and then just vanished. Do you know what happened to him?

Despite all these victories, Riviera never appeared in the Ring's yearly rankings. He seems to have been genuinely underrated.

I did think of him before I made my list. I opted to leave him off. After further review, I might have made a mistake. In defense, he did lose to a number of men on my list as well. I'll find out more information on him.
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