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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather V Roy Jones (not a fantasy fight)

I have Roy by fifteen or so spots, I think. Something like that. If he'd taken Pac in 2009-2010, and defeated him when it was so meaningful, they'd be pretty close, to me. I'd have favoured him then. I really favour him now, with minimal hesitation, but it's not as meaningful, to me, at all. That's not placing blame on him. That's just a matter of something that would've easily put him in the company, to me. If he defeated Sergio, right now, for the middleweight title, they'd be much closer for me, also. And, I would slightly favour him in that fight as well. But, thinking he could do it aside, I can't rate him like he actually has. That's not how that works. I don't really see another fight for him that puts him up that much. Not one particular fight, anyway. And, of course, Roy's not dropping in my estimation by fighting after losing it.
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