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Default Re: Who is your favorite boxing reporter?

I like Doug Fisher probably more then anyone else....but working for the ring he can be a corperate kiss ass a bit much. Lem staterfield is pretty good too. James Smith is the **** but doesn't I don't generally think of him as a reporter just because mainly what he's doing is interviews and hosting a program and such. If he does do a lot of writing I haven't seen it.

Vivik Wallance used to have a good mail bag....but whenever I've seen him speak I've been underwhelmed.

As a basic rule pretty much all the writer for the ring at solid. A lot of the guys writing for B-Scene are good too.

Ellie Secbhack is the ****. At first I kinda thought he was a kid with a video camera that somehow got access to southern cali's best gyms but now I know better. He isn't a goofie dude he's a guy that knows how to play a part that gets the most out of the guys that he's interviewing. He does a really good job of subtly throwing in comments that bring out very authentic responses from the guys he's interviewing. Thats probably why I like his vids soo much....because it doesn't seem like you're getting scripted response from the guys' that he interviews. You actually get a good look at what things are like behind the scenes in the boxing world.
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