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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
Ok, fair enough, but it seems like a huge amount of boxers end up with alzheimers or parkinsons or going blind.

But even as playing football offense for many years I only really say I got 2 hits to the noggen on average per season, like one that would make me shake my head or whatever. I guess in football you can get a broken collar bone or a broken leg but I don't see Joe Namath sitting in a wheel chair from parkinson. I don't see wayne gretzky with alzheimer. Sure they have other health problems, like bad back, bad knee, but I don't see them with messed up hormone levels which can cause you cancer later in life. Rugby is a tough sport and there are bones you can break and concussion is realistic, in fact someone died playing rugby when I was in highschool. Plus half the people playing organized sports aren't even playing the whole game. Plenty of people playing pro and non pro hockey are just playing 20-30 minutes not the whole 60 minute game half the time the people are on the bench and only the truly top players get to play the whole game. Boxing isn't like that, your fighting 3-4 rounds in amateurs even if your tired. You can't just go on the bench.
Yeah no one gives a **** about your personal anecdotes, look at some studies. Boxing isn't unique or more dangerous than other contact sports.
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