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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Why were "the oltimers" better ? Simple...When you have 10 times the amount of fighters than today, fighting so damn more often, under the guise of full time professional trainers, it stands to reason that by sheer experience learning your craft
that the fighters of the past HAD to be better...Of course there are a few fighters today that would be competitive with the fighters of the 1940s, but only a rare few...
If experience doesn't count, why is there 4 years to complete college rather than one year ? I'm for example, on the internet about 2 years, and I type SO much better than when I first hit the keys...Experience... When the boxers of the 1940s fought 15 or so fights a year, against all styles, fighting the fighters the PUBLIC demanded ,you get
tougher and more well rounded fighters. Common sense I think...
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