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Default Re: Mayweather Jr>Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
FM has given us the blueprint on how to make money as a boxer, declare yourself the best, fight only tomatoes and washed up has been or occasional guys who could win but are the wrong matchup.

Yeah you fought 40 fights but against who? Where are the haglers, hearns, durans, on his resume, lamotta's whatever. He doesn't fight prime fighters who are good. He just fights other tomatoe smashers and tomatoes. We all know there is only one guy maybe 2 who will be considered great in his class, pac man and bailey. And since he is running scared from both of them, he should be ignored.

FM wants to make money and all that's cool, after all he is the one taking the punches to the face, he wants to buy matches, whatever, I won't watch him nor spend my money watching fixed fights, if I watch fixed fights I'll watch wrestling.

People watch mayweather and think he is hot **** but don't understand that Sugar ray leonard would have utterly destroyed him, he is not a great, but he is perhaps the best at making money.

Spot on
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