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Default Re: Mayweather Jr>Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post

What are you talking about?

Do you even know what you're talking about?

Have you even seen either of these guys fight. Dempsey knocked out Sharkey with a punch that was maybe 6 inches at most. Completely destroyed the man.

He put guys that outweighed him by 60 lbs on the deck multiple times.

He was one of the most dynamic punchers in the history of the sport. He reminds me of a huge Pacquiao, regarding his footwork and his explosive punching.

And Robinson? You must be trolling.

He put combinations better than anybody in the history of the game, and he could take opponents out with one shot from either hand.

He never stood still, and moved around the ring like a dancer. His record and his resume speaks for itself.

He would knock Floyd out. Floyd would retreat to the ropes and you would see a devestating series of punches, after counterpunching Floyd while Floyd is on the ropes, and that would be the end of Floyd.
Wrong....fantasy fight remember . Nobody, don't nobody beat Floyd Mayweather Jr in a fantasy fight.
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