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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
I agree with this. and it is basically what I was trying to say.

and mcvey, I never said Johnson never fought black fighters, I said he HAD A REPUTATION FOR DODGING BLACK FIGHTERS. What this means is many people believe this and feel this way and the fact that he could go 8 years as champ avoiding 3 of the top contenders tells you something. He may have fought black guys on the way up, but once he got the title he wasn't going to fight any black guy who could beat him. In otherwords he only fought black tomato cans.

Many people get all offended when they are told that a fav of their fought guys who were easy competition for THEM. but the truth is a good boxing manager will never face you up against someone who you can lose against or will give you lots of trouble unless it is going to be a major payday and the fighter is nearing the end of his career. This is why many fights never happen in boxing foreman vs tyson
A 185lbs Johnson knocked a 156lbs Langford down twice for long 9 counts , he broke his nose and beat the **** out of him.Langford had over 50 fights under his belt at the time.
Undoubtedly Langford improved after this, equally undoubtedly so did Johnson.
Johnson scored multiple knockdowns over Jeannette in their series .
Jeannette managed just one win, on a disputed dsq in a fight he was losing.

Johnson thrashed McVey three out of three knocking him senseless in their last fight.
McVey never expressed an interest in going for a fourth bout.
Johnson fought every black top ranker prior to holding the title, in effect he cleaned house.
When he was champion the NSC offered Johnson a derisory 3000 to defend his title against Langford ,an offer he naturally rejected. Barney Curley and Jim Coffroth two of the three most prominent promoters both stated that the "American public will not pay to watch two n*****s fight for the championship". Proposed bouts with Jeannette and Langford were vetoed by officials several times , its easy to find the details.

On another occasion Joe Woodman ,Langford's manager had to withdraw from negotiations for a match when he could not come up with the $$$$.

The" black tomato "can you refer to,[Battling Jim Johnson] drew with Jeannette twice just months after drawing with Johnson who was fighting with a broken arm, and had drawn with him previously ,he also beat Jeannette a year later. In none of those fights was Jeannette injured.
Battling Jim kod Pelkey, beat Ross ,and Tate,drew with Mcvey and Langford x2 &beat Jeff Clark.If he is a "tomato can," how good were they?

Johnson took full page adverts in several national papers ,stating he would fight ANYBODY who could come up with $30,000, the sum Tommy Burns had received for defending against him, back in 1908.
Again these are easy to find.

The US Public were not interested in Johnson defending against another black man , hence the White Hope era,so Johnson made easy $$$ knocking over vanilla hued challengers because they were whom the paying public demanded he fight.

Tell me, what would you have done ? Fought Langford for 3,000 and have to travel to the UK to do so or, fight Jim Flynn,[ whom you had already comfortably beaten,] for $30,000 In the US?
Its a no brainer to me .

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