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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

[quote=hernanday;13944111]Modern boxing only started in the late 1800s, in England like 1880/90s under the current rules. How were old time trainers so good when the average person never even travelled more than 15 miles from their home? Yet today people can travel anywhere easily get boxing information, watch tapes in slow motion of greats, and we have a dearth of good fighters.

Boxing is one of the strangest sports in this manner in that when we speak of many of the greatest in the sport we speak of guys from almost over 100 years ago, tunney, johnson, corbet, joe gans,dempsey and so on. One would imagine with all our technology, video footage, devices to measure power of a punching technique, someone would have put it all together and have made a stable of near invincible boxers. But instead what you find is almost a gradually decline of the skill set of boxers since the 70s. I heard some old timers blame it on amateur boxing because they say it makes boxers focus on the wrong thing from early on. What I find even more strange is guys who should be good because their dads were great boxer's aren't ie joe frazier son should have tore up the 80s.[/quote

Great thread my man!
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