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Default Re: If Oscar De La Hoya never lost. Would he be the GOAT?

Originally Posted by puertorricane View Post
stupid question,, if tito trinidad doesnt lose to hopkins and then goes on to beat hopkins he could be the GOAT but that's a lot of ifs and ifs and ifs

No.. you are re****ed and should go drive your ****ing **** into a cement mixer.

Let me educate your moronic Puta ass on why the posters above you answered seriously and why this topic was subject to debate on various sites.

Oscar's resume is always up for debate and 'what if's because he's probably the only fighter of the recent era who fought such a deep line of opponents that a case for #1 could be made if he won them all.

If Tito beat Hopkins, he's still no where near 'GOAT', you are delusional if you think that makes him 'Goat'. Even if Tito went on to beat WRIGHT and a shot Jones. He's no where near top 25 even.

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