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Default Re: Jose Miguel Cotto rocks Canelo Alvarez

Originally Posted by damian38 View Post
name one fighter who was never rocked in his career

That's the obvious answer to my original post. A bum rocked him. So what does that make him?

Fortunately for him, there's nobody really any good except three fighters at 154.

Even though he has not fought a genuine 154 pounder as of yet.

James Kirkland is a glass chinned journeyman. Angulo is a limited slugger.
Molina tries to spoil his way to win the fight because he cannot win a fight by boxing and being an exciting fighter. And he isn't a real ''spoiler'' in any sense of the word.

Alvarez has poor footwork and cannot fight on the back foot under intense pressure. He's been used to controlling the pace against inferior opponents, so his superior strength usually plays a big part. Watch the Mosley fight. He was much stronger than the shell of Mosley.

Alvarez is a good fighter with many limitations. Like many from this hypejob generation.

Lara beats him. Mayweather beats him. and Cotto beats him.

He can beat the Kirklands of this world with ease.

So, yes. He is an elite fighter who can beat anybody!

No. He's actually a hypejob created by Oscar, so he can get rich quick off him.

Then when he loses, it's onto the next. And he has many lined up to replace him.

So Alvarez couldn't get Williams. Which was unfortunate. He then tried getting Kirkland. Someone who is tailor made for him.

So he then tried getting a 147 pounder in Victor Ortiz. Who can bounce to 154 and higher on fight night. Even though Ortiz is limited.

It's just a scam. Why didn't they put him in with Lara. As Lara beat Williams.

But wait, that doesn't make $$$$ sense.
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