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Default Re: OUTBOXED - Marquez vs Pacquiao 3 or Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez jr?

Originally Posted by Florez View Post
I agree with this but did Pacquiao got Out Boxed by Marquez?
It's a close fight, it wasn't like Marquez was dominating Pac like Martinez.
A victory over a highly skilled, much greater boxer is much, much better than a victory over a bigger, but limited boxer.

Example: Mayweather-Gatti v Mayweather-Cotto.

Mayweather dominated Gatti, didn't lose a round, didn't lose an exchange en route to a stoppage.

However, Cotto was competitive with Mayweather. Mayweather picked up a close but very clear decision.

Does this mean that the Gatti victory tops the Cotto victory? Nope.

Mayweather-Cotto displayed 10 times more skill, technique and intelligence in it. Was competed at a much higher level. Was competitive, but, it is much harder to put skills in to practice against an opponent who is also highly skilled.

Marquez-Pacquiao >>>>>>>>>>>>> Martinez-Chavez Jr.

Originally Posted by this_and_that View Post
Even minus the "post-fight facial evidence" everybody who have seen both fights will agree that it's Martinez, simply bec it was utter domination.
JMM had tons of moments against Pac but did have good rounds too.
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