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Default Re: Jose Miguel Cotto rocks Canelo Alvarez

I cant recall who you are enough to know if youre a troll or not, but I can tell you one thing, you are reaching to the point of it looking like flat out pathetic hating.

Corley was a tough opponent has **** all to do with his punching power. Corley is far from a power puncher, and never was. The fact is Chop Chop did put Cotto on queer street, and he did rock Mayweather. Try to spin it anyway you want, thats what happened. Blatant haters were saying the same shit about Cotto back then as youre saying about Canelo now.

And four guys? Ya cuz I dont want to spend minutes listing more. You really think I cant make a ****ing list of guys rocked early in their careers who went on for it not to play a big part of their prime years?

Youre veering off into stupid mode with this thread.
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