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I'll be the first to actually assess how the fight will go down. Haye will look to jab, potshot and counter off the back foot. Dempsey will look to bob and weave, moving to the left and throw left hook leads to get his hooks off inside. The important questions:

Does Haye get his jab landing, if he does it would stop Dempsey in his tracks. I think this would happen a fair bit

Who's quicker outside? Haye is, although his punches are a bit wide at times they are still straighter and longer than Dempsey's lead left hooking style, Haye's jab and lead right should be expected to land first. Although Dempsey may slip some and counter inside

What lands first as Dempsey moves in, Dempsey's left hook or Haye's counter right? Chisora stylistically is similar and he got destroyed by the right on the way in

If Dempsey gets inside what happens? Dempsey would rain fire on Haye's open defence and Haye's lack of in fighting, Chisora and Mormeck showed Haye's vulnerabilities

If it goes long how does Haye handle Dempsey's pressure? Haye's stamina isn't the best

I think Haye knocks Dempsey out early or gets run over late

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
this question disgusts me...its insulting to compare David Haye to Jack Dempsey
Dempsey hasn't beat anyone nearly as good as Haye

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