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Default Re: Jose Miguel Cotto rocks Canelo Alvarez

Originally Posted by Boxing101 View Post
Chop Chop Corley is a really good fighter. Why are you comparing him to Jose Miguel Cotto?

He just came off a split decision losss to Judah when he fought Mayweather.

Yes, Ali had been rocked by journeyman, but far from that extent early in his career. He always kept his legs together even when he went down.

Henry Cooper fight for an example. And often trainers back in the day used to tell you to go down, as taking more damage and walking around the ring will have a more detrimental effect. So you can recover quicker.

But watch Alvarez's defensive recovery. He doesn't keep his arms up, he relied on his strength and him moving backwards to get around the smaller man.

His legs then were wobbling over the ring. His chin is questionable even today.

As he has fought nobody of note who can test his chin. And Mosley was a zombie when he had him.

The difference between Ali and Alvarez is, Ali was fighting top guys fairly early on in his career. He never got rocked like that against someone like Jose Miguel Cotto.

When he went down to Sonny Banks, who was a star in the making alongside Cassius Clay, he had a knockout punch going into the Clay fight. He knocked Clay down but Clay got up and knocked him down in round 2, and then annihilated him in round 4.

So yeah, but this guy is the next superstar. He can be a superstar if he handpicks his opponents.

rhodes mosely and even cintron in cornered cat mode so swing for the fences all conected on Canelo with hard shots, and most people talk about those, saying oh cintron Caught him so good if he can catch canelo then mosely will TKO flash forward to now.
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